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Transenergie has undertaken more than 3500 projects over 50 countries.

Here are some examples of international projects.


Technical audits for 6 PV - Diesel hybrid systems located in small islands
French Polynesia
This project aims at:
- Supervising the current operation of the hybrid systems power plants
- Analyzing all the steps carried out during the construction of the hybrid systems
- Economic assesment and LCOE estimation
- Environmental and social assesment
- Making reccomendations for the improvement of the existing hybrid systems and for the future systems that  will be constructed in other islands
- Islands visited: Fakahina, Fangatau, Napuka, Tatakoto, Reao et Ahe



Project management for the construction of a solar photovoltaic educational and showroom platform
This project aims at building a solar photovoltaics educational and showroom platform located in the Industrial Research Institut in Lebanon. The following tasks have been carried out:
- Evaluation of needs and objectifs
- Definition of the platform specifications and the training support modules
- Management of a partners club integrating the companies which provides the material for the platform
- Construction of the platform
- Training for future trainers
- Follow-up during the first year of operation



Feasibility study for the hybridization of an existing Diesel power plant located in an small island
New Caledonia
Elaboration of a feasibility study for the hybridization of a Diesel micro grid located in Ile de Pins island in New Caledonia. This study optimizes the sizing of the main hybrid system components and evaluates the technical and economical impacts of the hybridization. 3 options are analyzed with different PV power output, 300 - 500 - 800 kWp and with or without a storage system (600 kWh with Li - ion technology).



Electrification study for 5 villages of the "Haut Maroni" region in French Guyana with hybrid PV/diesel systems
French Guyana
Site visit to estimate the power consumption of the 5 villages concerned and optimize the sizing of the main hybrid system components. Dynamic system simulation to estimate the solar production, design and technical specifications of the system and finally the economic study have been carried out in this project.



Sensitization workshops and training on renewable energy and energy efficiency addressed to the SNIM employees
This project is divided in two stages :
- Stage 1: sensitization workshops in Mauritania adressed to the SNIM workers aiming at decrease the energy consumption and increase the environmental awareness. Three 1-day sessions have been carried out in Noadhibou and Zouerate. 
- Stage 2: training for two engineers from SNIM concerning the methodology of energy audits in the building and industrial environment. This 8-days training is carried out in France.



Feasibility study of 5 BIPV systems for self consumption for TOTAL agencies
Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Burkina Faso, Congo and Senegal
The tasks carried out in this project are:
- BIPV technologie assessment
- Electrical demand analysis for each agency
- Solar production assessment and pre-sizing of main components
- Estimation of the PV self consumption rate



Pre-feasibility study for photovoltaic and wind energy integration into an Island power grid located
Feasibility study for the integration of renewable energy into the electrical system of the island in order to decrease the current diesel consumption. Some options has been analyzed, pv, wind energy, batteries… a 200-kWp PV system has been proposed in order to decrease about 22% the current diesel consumption



Feasibility study of a photovoltaic system based on self-consumption mode in the Energy Ministry building
Burkina Faso
Feasibility study for a photovoltaic system for self-consumption in the Energy Ministry building of Burkina Faso. The load profile of the building has been analyzed and an 80-kWp photovoltaic array has been selected in order to generate electricity for self-consumption with injection of the energy excess into the public power grid. A renewable fraction of 20% is achieved with the system designed.



Pre-easibility study for the integration of photovoltaic energy into the Guerin-kouka power grid
Some alternatives have been analyzed in order to integrate a renewable energy source into the Guerin-Kouka power grid in Togo. A 160-kWp PV array and a 360-kWh battery bank has been sized which represents a renewable energy fraction of about 60%.



Energy efficiency program on Mauritian public buildings retrofitting
- Inventory of Mauritius public institution around energy efficiency
- Organisation structure proposals on Mauritius government
- Energy efficiency actions program adapted to public buildings retrofitting
- Energy audits about a sample of public building
- Financial packages proposed to apply energy efficiency actions of the program



Energy audits and Renewable Energy potential assessment of AFD (Franch Development Agency) local agencies
Niger, Benin, Guinea and Camerun
Development of a techno-economical feasibility tool to estimate the renewable energy potential of the AFD agencies located all over the world. 4 agencies (Yaoundé, Conakry, Niamey and Cotonou) were visited to evaluate the energy behaviour, propose actions to decrease the energy consumption and check the efficacity of the tool in order to extrapolate to the other agencies.



Study of the ESCO model potential in the public sector
Technical assistance to the international consulting firm EY for the analysis of the energy efficiciency of the public sector in Morocco and definition of a development program



Feasability study, Design and technical assistance for a 5-MW PV/Diesel hybrid power plant
- Feasability study, optimized integration of PV on diesel powered mini-grid (network stability, sizing and battery management), study of current energy demand and prospective (field surveys, modelisation of load curves, 10 years evolution scenarios), strengthening of local interconnection networks;
Studied components:
- PV powerplant (4MWp), Li-ion battery (1MW), Diesel (6MVA)
- Inter connexion 33kV of a near city
- study for new LV grid-connexions (densification and electrification of new neighborhoods)



Evaluation of the National Rural Electrification Program of Morocco (PERG-Solaire)
- 360° assessment of the Program (43.000 Solar Home Systems - SHS disseminated in every province of Morocco): technical, financial, legal, organisational analysis performed.
- Field survey: organisation and coordination of a field survey in 40 villages in 20 different provinces (700 interviews performed), including design of the questionnaires and the analysis of the results. Training of the local consultant who performed the survey in the villages.
- Recommendations and propositions to improve the existing SHS program toward the sustainability of the project.
- Design and comparison of different scenarios toward the future electrification of the remaining population lacking electricity access.
- Design of a Business Plan tool for the decision makers of the ONE to assist them in designing and financing their future Rural Electrification program using SHS.



Project management for the 3rd phase of the electrification program of the village of Saül
French Guyana
Diagnosis of existing equipments
Design studies
Elaboration of the contract bill of the technical clauses
Technical assistance to the client
Works management
Assistance to the acceptance and commisionning of the installation



Project management for the 1st phase of the electrification program of the village of Providence
French Guyana
Design studies
Elaboration of the contract bill of the technical clauses
Technical assistance to the client
Works management
Assistance to the acceptance and commisionning of the installation



Technical assistance for the development of an innovative multi-MW hybrid PV/Diesel powerplant concept (R&D project)
Feasibility study and technical assistance for the development of an inovative solution for a hybrid PV/Diesel powerplant multi MW:
- Feasability study, definition of a technical solution
- Technical & economical optimisation
- Redaction of technical specifications for an international tender



Technical and economic evaluation of hybrid PV/diesel powerplants for 3 villages
Establishment of the typical profile of electrical consumption for each village
System simulation and determination of the optimal configuration PV/diesel
Design and technical specifications of PV system components
Economic study